The Propositional Outcomes

SCA-7, a state constitutional amendment that would reset the voter threshold for library Measures from 66.7% down to 55%, is winding its way through Sacramento.  Even though EveryLibrary California will not work on lobbying in Sacramento, we are an invested stakeholder in seeing a voter threshold Proposition come before the voters.  We stand ready to provide coalition support to legislative advocates working with the Assembly, Senate, and Governor’s Office.

There are five possible outcomes for SCA7:

  1. Placed before the voters as a stand-alone “library Proposition”.
  2. Combined with other SCAs that impact voting-thresholds for public works, transportation, and public safety, among others and placed before the voters as a “combined Proposition”.
  3. Libraries are left out of a “combined Proposition” but one advances for other public sector measures.
  4. Nothing advances as a voter-threshold Proposition in 2014.
  5. A “library Proposition” or a “combined Proposition” is placed on the 2016 ballot by the current legislature.

Proposition Planning

EveryLibrary California is managed with situational-awareness to all five of these possibilities.  We anticipate being active on GOTV efforts with each contingency in mind.  As the State Assembly continues to work on SCA7 and related measures, EveryLibrary California will fundraise to support GOTV efforts for any potential outcome:

  1. If a stand-alone “library Proposition” – full on GOTV and fundraising work, including the California Library Coalition
  2. If a “combined Proposition” – coordinating GOTV with other key stakeholder groups OR funding a combined GOTV state PAC.
  3. If libraries are not in a combined Proposition – consider support for the Proposition in order to advance coalition opportunities for the future
  4. If nothing advances in 2014 – consider a signature-drive for November 2015 to achieve SCA7 goals
  5. If date-certain in 2016 instead of 2014 – full on GOTV and fundraising work including California Library Coalition

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