Help Fund the Fight

everylibrary-checkmark copyCalifornia Libraries have a significant fight coming up this year that can substantially change the game for winning tax measures. There is a measure going through the senate called SCA7 to change the voting threshold from 66% down to 55%. This would mean that libraries would have a much easier fight at the ballot to win the sustainable funding that they need.

We are working to raise money for a couple of things that we need RIGHT NOW.

  • We are buying adspace to promote the benefits of California Libraries and to market libraries as an invaluable resource to Californians.
  • We are building the foundation of the infrastructure of our campaign and that means websites, campaign materials, political consultants, lawyers, and accountants. State-wide Political Campaigns are not cheap!

We are asking you to do two things for us, please consider giving a contribution to EveryLibrary California as the organization that is leading the fight at the Ballot Box that will inevitably come and also please share this with your friends and ask for their support as well. We aren’t going to be able to with this fight without us all fighting together. Please don’t let this opportunity slip. Thanks.

Because EveryLibrary California is dependent on you to get the resources we need to win, here are a few other ways that you can help.

  1. Contribute to our organization at
  2. Like us on FB and encourage your friends to do the same
  3. Sign up to support us and encourage other Californians to do the same.

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