Earn Kindles and Ipads as a Fan Fundraiser!

child and moviesEveryLibrary California believes that your time is valuable and that’s why we’re going to do our best to reward you as often as we can. Fundraising is also one of the keys to winning our campaign in California. This is why we are so excited to announce our incentivized Fan Fundraisers to reward you for raising the money that we are going to need to win. These rewards are real and for you to keep for your hard work and your efforts. Your prize depends on the amount of money that you raise and the breakdown is as follows;

  • $500 – Kindle
  • $1000 – Kindle Fire
  • $2000 – Ipad Mini
  • $3000 – Ipad2
  • $5000 – Ipad Air
  • There are many ways that you can raise this money and we are open to your ideas. If you want to create a one time fundraising event, we’ll help you promote it. If you want to canvass a neighborhood, we’ll help you learn how. You can utilize social media to promote EveryLibrary California and our goals and we’ll do what we can to help you with your campaign. We are here to make sure you succeed, so please ask us to help you when you need it!

    In order to qualify to earn the prize there are a few rules and guidelines that you need to follow.

    1) You must sign-up here and let us know that you would like to be a Fan Fundraiser
    2) You must create a Fan Fundraiser account on Rally.org/everylibrarycalifornia
    3) All money must be raised through the rally.org fan fundraiser
    4) No cash or check donations
    5) Because we are a political organization, you must follow all campaign laws such as ensuring that all donors are US citizens
    6) You must not violate ANY US and California laws
    7) You will only earn the prize at the highest level of fundraising. For example, if you raise $1,000 you will NOT earn both kinds of Kindles, but only the Kindle Fire.
    8) All Fan Fundraisers must be a resident of California
    9) Your Fundraiser must be completed by March 1st to qualify.

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