A Break From Asking For Money, Just Your Support

There are many great organizations that you can support with your money this time of year. We also know that you have many friends and family to take care this season. With that in mind, we’d love to give you a break from us asking you for your monetary support. Instead, we just want your support and for you to help us build our network of support.

You see, this campaign for California Libraries and winning SCA7 is going to take an effort of hundreds of dedicated individuals who believe in libraries. Individuals who believe that libraries are central to a fully functioning and well established community. People who know how important libraries are to business owners, entrepreneurs, crafters, makers, caregivers, and families. We need you to help us build our network of people who believe that libraries are all of these things and so much more and are willing to get involved in the fight for a true and democratic California.

Instead of money, here is our ask to you today. We are asking that you take a couple of minutes today and go to our Facebook page and personally and individually ask your colleagues, friends, family, and fellow library supporters to like our page. We are also asking you to follow us on twitter and ask your followers to join you in supporting sustainable funding for California Libraries. And finally, we are asking that you encourage everyone you know to sign-up to support EveryLibrary California and the work we do around politics and libraries by signing up on this form.

We’d also like to thank you for everything you have helped us accomplish so far this year. We’ve built up a great network of supporters, fundraisers, and people committed to fighting for libraries through letter writing parties and socials and so much more. Help us keep the work that we are all doing together.

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