EveryLibrary California’s After Work Drinks

Come out and relax and have drinks and snacks at the Peninsula Yacht Club after work and get involved in the campaign for SCA7 and sustainable funding for libraries in California. We will be talking about EveryLibrary California, the importance of SCA7, our plans for the campaign, how you can get involved, and of course…. Having some drinks and snacks and hanging out with other librarians and library supporters. This will also be a great opportunity for librarians to network and get to know each other!

Specifically, at this meeting, we are also looking for a couple of volunteers to help put together some of our initial campaign materials and there is some pre-work that needs to be done. If you want to help out and get some of it done for us, we’d love for your help. You can do it from any computer with Microsoft office and internet access. If you help with the pre-work, the drinks for the night will be on me!

I will also have some letters and letter writing materials for anyone who wants to sign and/or write your own letter of support for SCA7 and Libraries and send it to Sacramento.

The Peninsula Yacht Club is a great place to hang out and relax after work where the drinks are exceptionally cheap and there’s always some good fun people around. Since I’ll be bartending, there’s even no tipping at the bar, but if you want to tip, all proceeds will go to the EveryLibrary California Campaign for SCA7.

If you can’t make it to this event, you can help sponsor our campaign building events with a contribution to EveryLibrary California at http://www.rally.org/everylibrarycalifornia

I’m excited to start this campaign with California librarians and get us all involved in the fight for a more sustainable funding model for California libraries. See you there!

Thursday January 16th, 7pm
Peninsula Yacht Club
1536 Maple Street
Redwood City, CA, 94063

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