California Political Activism at #ALAMW14

PC Sweeney from EveryLibrary California is going to be at ALAMW14 answering any questions you might have about getting involved in the campaign for California Libraries. The campaign in California will be centered around ensuring the passage of the propositional change to the California Constitution stemming from the Senate Bill SCA7 that seeks to change the voting threshold for taxes from the currently required supermajority of 66% to the more democratic 55%. This is going to be a momentous fight requiring you and all other California Librarians and Library supporters to rally together and work together on a state-wide campaign.

There are a number of events that both EveryLibrary California and our parent organization EveryLibrary will be hosting at this conference and we can answer any of the questions you might have and tell all about how you can get involved.

Letter Writing

PC Sweeney will be carrying letters to the California Senators that you can sign to show your support of SCA7. You can follow him on twitter or FaceBook and find out how, when, and where to sign them. These letters will be sent to the senators the week after ALAMW to show that libraries in California are well supported and that this bill needs to continue to be pushed forward. Our goal is 60 letters signed at ALAMW so find him and sign one this weekend!

Learn More about the Campaign
You can learn about our Campaign for California Libraries and SCA7 at our info session being held in the networking uncommons at noon on Sunday. In this session we will be talking about how you can get involved in the campaign, the roles for volunteers, our campaign strategy, and some of the techniques and tips we will be using to win. This is going to a giant campaign and we will need everyone and anyone who wants to get involved at any level. If you have a couple of minutes, we have something for you to do. We will also be signing letters to our senators and writing letters to the editor about the important and influence of libraries on the lives of Californians.

EveryLibrary and EveryLibrary California AfterHours
Join EveryLibrary and Mango Languages for a 2-part After Hours Party on Saturday night of ALA Midwinter 2014 in Philadelphia. From 9pm – 11pm we’re hosting an open-bar Film Fest of fun, quirky, and kitchy shorts about libraries, education, and our host city with time to mix and mingle. Your $25 ticket is for a 2-hour open bar and proceeds benefit EveryLibrary. At 11pm, we turn the space around and open the After-After Hours dance party with DJ Marc Recordz spinning until 2am. It’s cash bar, but all drinks are $5.00. We’re doing a $10.00+ free-will donation at the door from 11pm onward. Ticket options for the 9pm – 11pm Film Fest and open bar include discounts for students and free “volunteer” tickets (you give us 2 hours, we’ll give you an open bar). Mango Languages is a proud sponsor and co-host of this event. All registered guests receive a $20 coupon code for Uber, the car share service, good for the entire Midwinter weekend.

John Chrastka, founder of EveryLibrary, will be at ALAMW to answer your questions about political activism at the local level. He will be hosting a few info sessions at the Networking Uncommons and you can find him on twitter to ask more questions. The entire board of EveryLibrary will also be attending the conference and there will be an open board meeting that anyone interested in political activism is welcome to attend.

If you can’t make to our event at ALAMW, we ask that you support us through a contribution to EveryLibrary California at our fundraising site. Just $25 goes a long way to support libraries at the Ballot box in California.

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