California Libraries Need YOU

we love the libraryLibraries in California are struggling to find the funding they need to serve their communities. This is not due to a lack of public support for libraries. Libraries are still well-loved and well-used in California. However, our organizations are working in an unfair and undemocratic system where 34% of the population gets to dictate the rules and hold the other 65% hostage. This is because local tax measures for library funding in California cannot pass without winning an election with 66% of the population voting in favor. We have the chance to change that.

There are two Senate Constitution Amendments on the on floor right now. These are SCA 7 Wolk and SCA 11 Hancock. While the Wolk bill is specific to changing the law only for libraries, the Hancock bill would make a sweeping change to the 66% threshold for all local tax jurisdictions. In either case, EveryLibrary California is dedicated to supporting the propositions stemming from these bills when they go to the voters. EveryLibrary California is here to fight to ensure that libraries have the ability to run a fair a democratic campaign to win funding through a more democratic 55% vote.

But, we can’t win that fight without you. Organized as a Ballot Committee in California, we are looking for you to join us and get involved in the campaign as early as possible to help us ensure that we can win. There are a number of ways that you can get involved;

The ELCA team will be the ones running the campaign in California and will be setting the strategy throughout the campaign. There are many levels of involvement, from minutes a day, to hours per week. We know you’re a busy professional and we can work with you to get you involved at the level that’s most comfortable to you. Just email us here to find out the next steps and ways to get involved.

This is going to be an expensive campaign and we need your donations and contributions to be able to make it happen. Giving is easy through our campaign.

We’d love to help you host a fundraiser on behalf of this campaign and EveryLibrary California or find ways to fundraise with us. In fact, we have a rewards program for anyone who fundraises for our organization.

The more connections that EveryLibrary California has, the easier it will be to build the coalition that we need to win. We are asking you to take just a couple of minutes to ask your friends, colleagues, and library supporters to like us on FB, follow us on twitter or tumblr, sign up to support us, and share our website so that they can find our more about our campaign.

This campaign is up to us. Don’t let this opportunity for better funding for California Libraries slip.

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