What Can $50 Do For California Libraries?

donate-button1EveryLibrary California is fighting to change the model for local library funding in the state. Currently, libraries require a highly undemocratic and un-American 66% majority to pass a tax measure in a local jurisdiction. Basically, that means that 35% of a community gets to hold the other 65% hostage to their voting whims. There are two Amendments on the table in Sacramento to change this (SCA7 and SCA11), EveryLibrary California is fighting to pass these, and all it takes from you to win this fight is $50 today.

Tell Them Why Libraries Are Important
Our campaign for California libraries is starting to roll out and the first phase has begun. This means that we are working very hard to get the word out about the impact and importance of libraries in California before we go to the voters and ask them to vote. We are going to get out of the librarian echo chamber and talk directly to the public about what they can get at their libraries and what libraries can do for them today, what libraries have done for Californians in the past, and what we will do for each individual in the future.

$50 Get’s The Word Out
In this voter education program, we have created the California Libraries Facebook Page to run ads about libraries and the resources that they offer to serve their communities. These ads are targeted at library communities around the resources that are available to them. These ads will highlight various library collections, the access and usefulness of our databases, our online resources, and of course the numerous library programs for families, teens, adults, and seniors. Your $50 today will go directly to supporting these ads.

vote libraries 1How Far Does $50 Go?
While $50 may not seem like a lot of money to fight for libraries, let me assure you that it goes a long way. Every single $50 ad has the potential to reach between 22 and 38 Thousand Californians. We only direct our ads at Californians and we also work hard to ensure that our ads are directed at the right groups of people for the highest impact and highest return on investment. We don’t need to reach every California, but we do need to make sure we reach the right ones to ensure that every Californian gets the access to the libraries that they deserve by winning this campaign.

This is Our Legacy
EveryLibrary California will most likely go away after our campaign. However, we will still need to continue to talk about libraries with Californians. As part of our long range plan, we want to make sure that we leave behind something for our state’s library advocacy organizations that they can use in the future. This FB page will live on and be shared by many library advocacy groups long after we’ve won our campaign. Your $50 will be something that has a long impactful life on the funding ecosystem for California Libraries. But… Only if you give!

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