The Mounting Info-War Against CA Libraries

yes librariesBefore any invasion, the military will drop leaflets and letters, run ad campaigns, and bombard the enemy with information. If some of the posts we’ve seen come out lately are any indication, it would seem that many of the groups in the “any tax is a bad tax” vein of thought are mounting a pre-invasion information campaign against libraries. With the huge approval rating of libraries, it is, of course, far too soon for them to mount an actual campaign against libraries. But these articles and information campaigns are where it starts.

Luckily, EveryLibrary California had already begun countering this surging info war with the launch of our California Libraries FB page and ad stream. Through this FB page, we have been able to talk to Californians to get the word out about the importance of libraries and the information they hold to improve the lives of our citizens. This was only made possible by you and your contributions. In fact, your contributions allowed us to put ads in front of over 100 thousand Californians. Every dollar that we’ve spent on getting the message out about librarians reached over 260 Californians.

But we need to do better if we are going to stay ahead of the multi-million dollar political organizations that appear to be forming a campaign against us. We are asking you to take a couple of minutes and contribute $25 to the campaign for California libraries. Every $25 will get thousands of Californians to see why California Libraries are so important. This state-wide ad campaign is a huge opportunity and an opportunity that is unique in California, and unique to EveryLibrary California. Please contribute today and don’t let this slip.

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