The Opposition Against Libraries Just Got Better Funding

2473791565_25ca8181a0_mWe’ve told you about the mounting info-war against libraries and now we have to report that a recent ruling on political contributions by the Supreme Court helped make it easier for some of our wealthiest citizens to give to political organizations and campaigns. Unfortunately, many of these citizens don’t know about the high value of libraries and literacy in the state. They don’t know that libraries help people start new businesses, create opportunities for the unemployed to become employed, and give every Californian the chance to get ahead in society. They don’t know that Libraries are a primary resource for people and organizations to have the ability to move California forward. This is probably why our average donations throughout the year have not been in danger of bumping against the maximum donation limits. However, we have seen a well-funded and well organized opposition work to fight against libraries across the state with a significant detriment to our beneficial organization.

11483802583_4bef5e934c_mEveryLibrary California is now counting on your contributions more than ever. We need to you give just $50 to help us show California how important our libraries are. We put your money to work right away to fund pro-library ads that have already reached over 150,000 Californians across the state. Your money funds letter writing campaigns that have generated over 200 letters to let our politician know how important libraries are. Your money funds our editorial campaigns where we use the press to get news articles about the impact of libraries in front of voters. Your money pays for librarians to attend events where they can interact with non-library organizations like Silicon Valley Start-ups and promote the ways that libraries can help those organizations can improve themselves through library resources. Finally, your money funds opportunities for librarians to engage each other and create stronger networks across the state.

As an entirely volunteer organization, every dollar goes to show Californians and voters how important libraries are to our state. Please, contribute today and don’t let this slip.

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