About Us

EveryLibrary California is specifically charged with the task to work to win the proposition stemming from SCA7. SCA7 is a bill currently under review that would go to the voters of California in November to decide about making a constitutional change allowing libraries to win tax measures through a 55% margin instead of the current super majority of 66%. This would mean that libraries could win the funding that they need to be sustainable much more easily. We are here to fight to win for sustainable California Libraries.

EveryLibrary California is organized as a localized extension of EveryLibrary (national). We grew out of the need for a politically active organization dedicated exclusively to supporting a California statewide library Proposition at the ballot box. Many library associations – both at the national and at the state level – are organized as 501(c)3 educational associations. Current law and regulations prohibit these associations from engaging in extensive voter advocacy or funding political campaigns. As a state ballot committee, EveryLibrary California can act where these associations cannot. The opportunity to fundraise and directly support a statewide library Propositions will be unique in the California library advocacy ecosystem.

EveryLibrary California will be the first and only organization in California dedicated exclusively to political action at a state level to create, renew, and protect public funding for libraries of all types. We will provide tactical and operational support to state-wide voter awareness campaigns, funding for state get-out the vote campaigns, as well as conducting direct voter advocacy in support of state-wide library propositions. We are not an organization involved in lobbying, but work to drive state-wide get out the vote campaigns.

EveryLibrary California is a non-partisan, pro-library organization with an alignment toward sustaining California libraries as they evolve and grow in the 21st century. EveryLibrary California is a coalition partner with other organizations, associations, and non-profits that seek to support libraries through public awareness and advocacy.

EveryLibrary California is building a community of donors who are ready to support library funding on Election Days across the country. Your support is foundational to the success of state-wide library initiatives in the years to come. Please consider a donation to EveryLibrary California today and help us build a new, unique, and active organization for California libraries at the ballot box.

Contributions will be used for voter awareness campaigns and help win state-wide library ballot initiatives at election time. EveryLibrary California will use a portion of contributions to cover overhead, staffing, and development or acquisition of voter awareness tools and campaign materials. Contributions by individuals, corporations, foundations, and unions to EveryLibrary California are not tax-deductible.


As a politically active organization, EveryLibrary California is not required to disclose the names of donors or amounts of contributions that further its mission and purpose of advocating for library ballot initiatives. However, EveryLibrary California enables donors to self-disclose their intent or amount of support when contributing or pledging. If you would like to make your support for libraries known by name, please check the appropriate box on EveryLibrary’s California online donation form. All records that are required to be maintained for IRS reporting are done so in full compliance with the law and regulation.

While we are in the initial stages of development, the first thing you can do is share this with as many people as you can and encourage them to make a contribution at rally.org/everylibrarycalifornia. We are going to need a high level of resources to ensure that we can win. After that, please sign up to support us for announcements about ways to get involved. We are going to be making some exciting announcements this week, so join us and get ready.

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